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This site contains education and research URLs bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

This page, on my ever expanding web-site, was originally written for Dr. Barry Green's "Parkinsonian People", a real newsprint paper out of Tyler, Texas. It sorta grew until the original article is quite unrecognizable and yet it is the very "fabric"... There are "sounds" in several areas on this page. They are .wav files, in-lieu of "other" formats, because with .wav, everyone can hear them, not just the "Lucky" ones, with newer computers. You will find that some of the following hyper-links are actually links to .wav sound bytes. For your convenience, I've decided all sound byte links will be green for GO! Look for them under eHistory, eMemories, eNostalgia... They take a little bit of time to load, but they're really worth the wait. I've had a great deal of satisfaction putting this all together to share with you and for you to share with others! I hope you enjoy this!

Fifty-nine years of
It all really boggles the mind of this former farm boy.

eHistory / eRecollections
When I was a kid in the '40s and early '50s my father, or a neighbor, drove to town, and picked up the mail, once a week. The crank telephone was the most immediate means of communication in the community. We listened to the battery powered console family radio
for the current broadcast news, music, sports, cartoons, or family rated entertainment and hilarity . No eLectricity! No suh! Strictly little house on the prairie... My earliest education took place at home. I was somewhat dyslexic and very left handed. I began printing everything in mirror image! My mother patiently cured my dyslexia and taught me to read between looking after my younger and older siblings and bouts of frustration with her gasoline powered Maytag. Mr. Maytag was not revered by a young city raised woman, who found herself transplanted deep in the heart of rural Saskatchewan, with two babes in diapers, and a smelly, sulky, washing machine, that refused to start until my father showed up!

Back in the city, my maternal great aunt lay rigid, unmedicated, strapped to a gurney, institutionalized, unable to move, or speak, unable to help herself in any way... She lay for the most part in silence, awaiting the inevitable... death from the effects of Parkinson's Disease. I never knew my great aunt had Parkinson's until, after my own diagnosis, many, many years later, when I was avidly reading everything I could find on Parkinson's, and happened to ask my mother if anyone in our farm neighborhood had ever been diagnosed PD... Mother thought for a long time and then said "No, I don't think so... but did you know your grandfather's sister (maternal grandfather) had PD?" I did not. If anyone had ever discussed her dilemma at all, it had been in private, with discreet, hushed, tones. After all, Parkinson's in the '40s was an unexplainable brain disorder... There were NO medications... There were NO therapies... There was NO thought of a Cure... There was NO Hope at all! As a child, I was, of course, completely and utterly oblivious to all of this... Our world revolved around a small mixed farm and the every day challenges presented by survival in rural isolation...

In mid 20th. century rural Saskatchewan, we lived a long way from the nearest library, in fact, so far that borrowing books the normal way was simply, and absolutely, out of the question. We instead painstakingly scanned the hard copy paper form, selected first, second, and third choices from a paper list of potentially available books, mailed it in to Regina some 250 miles away, and waited for the "Traveling Library" to arrive in a big blue crate! Loans were restricted to one or two books per family member. All of the rural libraries in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and quite likely across rural North America, began in those big wooden traveling boxes.
Wooden Boxes

Extension U-Alberta Audio History

"Library service, or the lack of it, was similar over all three prairie provinces. Norma Bennett, in her report on library service in rural Saskatchewan, writes that all the library services available at the time (1937) "furnish a most inadequate source of reading material." Since 1913, rural Saskatchewan had been serviced by a Traveling Library established by an amendment to the Library Act. The Traveling Library and an Open Shelf Library were operated by the Provincial Bureau of Publications. The object of the Traveling Library was to supplement the book stock of small public and school libraries and to provide some public library service in communities otherwise without any. The Open Shelf Library had a stock of mostly non-fiction books, intended for educational extension work and it is the only source provided by the government to supply reference materials for those not within reach of established libraries. The Wheat Pool also had a good selection of books on economic and social problems. No librarian was available to give advice to the reader. Books from the Traveling Library were sent out from Regina in sturdy boxes, fifty to sixty books to the box, to some responsible person in a small town or rural district."
Library U-Toronto History

My mother, God bless her, was the responsible person in our rural district.

As for the "Travelin' Library"... you really had to be there to experience the excitement when 'em long awaited wonderful books finally showed up in that beautiful big blue box... 'speshly in the dead of winter... I should mention the glow and welcome warmth of the wood stove, while Jack Frost spun intricate mosaics to cover the window panes... and the little frost "buttons" that dotted every nail in the bedroom wall board on the "outside" wall... We used to have to "melt" a wee hole in the frost on the window so you could peek out to check the thermometer... and now we can just one click to access the eTemperature around the globe, and, for that matter we can just one click to access an Awesome eLibrary 24/7 as well, but it just isn't quite the same. The books were character builders while the blizzards and cold made shut-ins of us all. Imagine the small farm house with the entire family quietly reading books or working as a team on a 1000 piece jig saw puzzle. I also remember readin' books by the light of the coal-oil lamp while nestled snug under a buffalo robe... Then the silence is shattered by the
chorus of nearby coyotes. The sound can still give me shivers!

ahhh... the eMemories... It's hard to believe how far we've come from those magical "Good Ol' Days"...

I started school when I was only 5 and it was soon discovered I needed glasses to see the black board. My 12 year old sister took me some 35 miles to the big "Town" on the
train to get specs... What an adventure!

At age six, I could read, and was allowed to borrow my first book. Something by Thornton W. Burgess me-thinks... Peter Rabbit, Johnny Chuck, Jerry Muskrat, Blacky the Crow, Sammy the Jay, Reddy Fox,...

Reddy Fox??

eAdventures of Reddy Fox by Thornton W. Burgess - Now available in new eBook formats! eBooks set you free to study and search texts with powerful software features. eBooks have many advantages over traditional books. Learn more... at the eBook Mall...

Project Gutenberg (even Gutenberg's gone
eLectronic ?)
Titles by Thornton W. Burgess

"The Burgess Bird eBook for Children" on-line of course...
The Burgess Bird eBook

eNostalgia / eSounds / eSearch / eSurvey / eProject
I sit back now, and contemplate my childhood days... My thoughts drift away, back to Grade One, and my uncle's ol'
John Deere workin' the S.E. quarter of 27, just east of the one room school house.

My eyes gently close... The throaty bubbling call of the
meadow lark breaks the silence. A five year old takes his father's hand, and we walk past cows, past a flicker unseen in the tall grass, past a killdeer feigning an injury to guard it's nest, to the beginning of a steep and narrow trail, winding down into the coulee below... High above us, a pair of red-tailed hawks soar effortlessly on rising thermals. Their screeching cries cause a prairie dog sentry to whistle an alarm and scurry for cover. Another hawk scolds our territorial invasion from his vantage point atop the tallest telephone pole. I hold my father's hand tighter now as taller saskatoon and choke-cherry bushes make it difficult to see ahead. We enter a grove of poplars, and enjoy the welcome coolness of the shade. A startled owl glides off a short distance and converses with his mate nearby, then my father cautions me to be quiet with raised finger to his lips. His eagle eyes have spotted a woodpecker foraging for food in the forest canopy above us. As we near the dam, we spy a red-winged blackbird swaying precariously from a cat-tail. A yellow-headed blackbird and a few mud-hens add their voices. The mallards and the frogs compete in the pond while a few Canada geese fly past just overhead. A raucous magpie and a crow arrive, and the beavers dive for cover.

eT call home!

eDreamin'! Wake-up, Murray! Start that ol' Model T Ford up, and sashay on back to 2003!


There is still NO CURE for Parkinson's! but... a good many folks are hard at work on one!

Now, what's with all the

Well... of course, there's the pure magic of eMail... In hindsight, eMail was the very first eWord, that slipped unceremoniously into my everyday vocabulary, in my, oh so innocent, passage to today's total
The History of the Internet
The Living Internet

What is the history of eMail? This is a tough question, since many people had not even heard of eMail before the early 1980's. In any case, the US Postal Service developed a system called E-Com back in the 1970's.
E-Com History
A Brief History of eMail

ePost / eLetter
Now, at least a dozen years later, it is quite simply a "given", that anyone and everyone can compose and eMail (ePost) an
eLetter 24/7 365 days a year without hunting for an envelope, without a postage stamp, without venturing outdoors, and without any concern about the weather... (through rain, through snow, through blinding sleet, through dark of night, through whatever etc. cuz "In God We Trust") and, it doesn't have to be plain eText... - if the writer and receiver both agree...
IncrediMail - eMail has Finally eVolved
IncrediMail Best Sites List
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Add an eVoice Message to an eMail with IncrediMail

eHelp! / eMessages
Example: my eSis's friend's Compaq PC is not displaying the Time and Day accurately on Boot-Up. An eMail
S.O.S. is flashed from the East Coast to the West Coast and an answer received ( scroll down to read: Who killed the Pony Express? ) shortly... A month's worth of the ol' snail mail queries and answers takes place in just a few hours and...

eSearch / eInfo / eSupport
Through a simple eSearch ( Google ) the eInfo sheet for Compaq PC batteries is obtained, the manufacturer's eSupport site is located, and the procedure for replacement zapped as a single line URL in the next eMail... and then...

"All done. The Compaq manual instructions and diagrams were excellent and she had no problems. Chased away the dust bunnies, popped the old one out and the new one in. Piece a cake!"

"Everything worked tickety-poo when I turned it on. That little tip about leaving the battery in was the key! Thanks!! You're swell!"

eSearch / eRank / eTechnology
As a Google user, you're familiar with the speed and accuracy of a Google search. How exactly does Google manage to find the right results for every query as quickly as it does? How do they do it?

eGreeting / eAnimation
Did you, perchance, forget to buy your dear father/mother/brother/sister a Birthday Card? No big deal these days! You can send a sophisticated virtual greeting eCard for any occasion just like the eLetter, 24/7 etc. etc.
Peanuts eGreeting Cards
Action Cat
Jacquie Lawson

Check out this
Ludwig van Beethoven

There's even an
Don't even think 'bout lyin' t'anyone regarding your age....
The Age eGenie always tells the truth...

ePostcard / ePuzzles
Do you want to share a photo with family or friends? You can upload your digital ePhoto and send them an eJigsaw as an ePostcard. or... you could just eSSemble an ePuzzle online... Now how cool is that? And... you can do it 24/7 etc. etc.
Puzzle Factory
Digital Slide Show

eGames / ePong
Play an eArcade eGame with hand to hand stick man combat...
The Way Of The eXploding Stick

Remember the original addicting game called Pong? Well, here is a 21st version of the game, 3D Pong. It's just as addicting. The coolest thing about this version is how you can put a spin on the ball. Just move your mouse just as the ball is hitting your paddle and the ball will curve, way cool. And... you can do it 24/7 etc. etc.
3D ePong

Has some level of "Big Brother" got you a little choked? You can send an eLetter to your MP, to your Senator, even to your Health Minister, let off a little eSteam, it will bolster your esteem! (ePun fully intended)
Stem Cell Funding
Grassroots Connection
Therapeutic Cloning

You! Yes, I'm talkin' to You! You too can become an eAdvocate!
Parkinson's Action Grassroots Advocacy
Canada Advocacy eLinks

Keep up-to-date by visiting The Congressional eRecord of the U.S. Congress or by reading The eHansard of the Canadian Parliament
The Library of Congress - USA
The Houses of Parliament - Canada

eVote in the next eLection
Yep! This is already occurring in America... Check out E-Vote Glitches Found in Election

In the
eArchives you will find references to The E-Rate "a federal program that helps connect schools and libraries to the Internet" and The E-Government Act of 2001, "a bipartisan effort to maximize the organization, efficiency, accessibility and quantity of the federal government's online resources, while reducing overall cost."

eSearch / eResearch
"One of the hardest parts about doing academic research on the Internet is figuring out where to start! A search engine is usually the first thing to try, but what search engines are the most useful for your topic?
Try Information Literacy: Search Strategies
Choose the Best Search for your Information Need
NoodleTools Advice Engine
Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines & Search ... Search Engine Watch is the authoritative guide to searching at Internet search engines and search engine registration and ranking issues. ...
Search Engine Watch

eDictionary - a vital eTool
Universal eDictionary
On-Line Medical eDictionary
MEDLINEplus - Drug eNcyclopedia

eWrite your own eReference
Wikipedia - A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using Wiki software

eTools / eReference
eResearchers can now have an expanded very important new, and equally vital, eTool on their eDesktop! GuruNet is the easiest way to look up eAnswers-- the ultimate reference eTool, with instant eDictionary, eThesaurus, eEncyclopedia, eBios, tech eTerms, eNews ... You can download a free 14 day eValuation copy... eTry before you eBuy!

eReference / eClassics
Sample the Reference Desk or check out Bartleby!
Read the Harvard Classics 5 foot reference bookshelf

You don't suppose Will ever envisioned eWords and eShakespeare, do you? Nah!

World News has the very best (my opinion) eHeadline site if you just want to know what is transpiring around the Globe... or check out the ePhotos (like Life magazine, only instantly available 24/7)... or eListen to the eNews... BBC World News (Britain), NPR Hourly Newscast (USA) or CBC World News (Canada). (only drawback is that it does load somewhat slowly....)

GOOGLE has very fast eHeadline eNews - Select World, US, etc.
Google eNews

And then there's truth-out US Political eNews...

eView an eTutorial
on Finding eNews (on-line of course...)
Finding eNews - A NoodleTools eTutorial

eRead the eNews of your choice by keyword.
Select "parkinson's" in Google News (experiment with the "keyword" of your choice)
Parkinson's Resources VIP News Page

eDiscussion / eForum / eSupport
Select The PARKINSN List On-line or MGH BrainTalk - Parkinson's or YoungOnsetMessageBoards (you can sample these eDiscussion message boards without joining, just scroll down until a thread interests you... click and read on-line)
Parkinson's Resources VIP Parkinson's Community Page

eSupport / eGroup
for Parkinson's? (just one example, this one you would have to join) Group UPBEAT

eForums / eChat for Parkinson's?
PLWP eCommunications Center

WebTrain now hosts Virtual Interactive Meetings!
To get a feel for it, click on the "How To" TAB and then take an
or... Try Web-4-M

What the heck is an eZine? An eZine is an on-line periodical (magazine) you can usually opt-in for FREE... " strives to be the most comprehensive directory of email publications on the Internet. There are currently eZactly 7875 eZines listed in, and the directory grows everyday."

eZine Samples

très chic

The Food Reference Newsletter

Virtuality an eZine by and for Parkinsonians...

All About E-Zines!

What is e-Learning?
"e-Learning moves the learning experience out of the traditional classroom and into your world. It's learning anytime, anywhere … without geographical or scheduling barriers. It's learning that relies on the Internet for accessing learning materials and interacting with experts and fellow learners."

"Take courses in the comfort of your home, workplace or when traveling.
Receive a quality education without giving up quality time.
Learn when and where it is convenient for you.
Learn from experts practicing in their fields.
Learn collaboratively with other learners."

What is e-Learning? UCalgary

Here in the province of BC...
"eLearningBC is an alliance of over 70 elearning providers working together to match your requirements with our highly-qualified member companies. From grade school to university curricula, virtual classrooms to virtual studios, content development tools to learning management systems, eLearningBC has the breadth of knowledge you need."

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eLearningBC — Where Knowledge Prospers

eRegister on-line of course...

"The New York Times eLearning Network is a free service for students in grades 3-12, their teachers and parents. The site is updated Monday through Friday throughout the year."
The New York Times eLearning Network

Take an
eQuiz on-line, to determine if you're ready for all this eLearnin'...
Readiness Index for Learning Online (RILO)

eLearning / eSunday School
The Ultimate Hard Cover is on-line in multiple versions, multiple languages, choose
eText / eAudio
Study the eBible!

eBooks and eJournals
The Worlds Largest eLibrary of Medicine!
U.S. National Library of Medicine
Library of Medicine

As of May 07, 2004, there are a total of 4301 eJournals.

eBook / eLibrary / eResearch
Wisdom Quest eLibrary

Questia - The Online
eLibrary of 400,000 eBooks and eJournals
"To provide you with the best possible research experience the Questia service takes advantage of the latest web technologies such as Javascript and DHTML. ...
Description: A subscription-based, online library of books and journals."

Questia - The Online eLibrary

10 Cool Things About Questia

Librarians Overview

Questia's New Online Instructional Demo (this is a really way too cool
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Macromedia - eLearning
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Macromedia - eLearning

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Macromedia - eLearning Suite

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Price Watch

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Then there's
eBay / eMarketing / eDeposit / eBanking / eFile your taxes etc.

eGad suh!

I know I've stretched this a little, but, the reality is that, while there is still NO Cure for Parkinson's,
eWords have quickly become an intrinsic and inescapable part of everyone's life in this new eMillenium! Technology is racing ahead every day now, and thus, there is a great deal of Hope!

I think I'll relax now, and just go re-read The eAdventures of Lightfoot the Deer...

"Download the
eText in the format you prefer" it says... there's no escapin' eWords...

This red-necked kid always preferred real text in the comfort of a hands-on, big ol' hard cover book.... I'm not sure I ever wanted to become SO totally
eLiterate !

Now, I'll probably be charged with a felony... pushin' the
ePun one step too far!

Next thing, an eJudge will require that I, appear in a virtual courtroom, via an eVideo feed, raise my shaky right hand, and, swear on a stack of eBibles to tell the
eTruth, the whole eTruth, and nothing but the eTruth!

Nothing is Sacred!

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