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Canadian Action Alert!

Therapeutic Cloning Research may provide the missing pieces to the puzzle surrounding a CURE for many diseases

Do you know about THERAPEUTIC cloning? Not the one to duplicate people, the one to CURE people.

Did you know that the Canadian Government is about to ban all Therapeutic Cloning Medical Research ?

URGENT: Please visit

Please forward this Email to as many friends and collegues as possible... and... if you or your colleagues have a web site...

URGENT: Bill C-13 NOW Before the Canadian Parliament

Dear Webmaster,

Therapeutic cloning, a lab procedure that may unlock the potential of stem cell research, (but does not reproduce human beings) is at risk of being stopped in its tracks by Bill C-13 now under consideration by the Canadian Parliament. If this Bill passes into Law, the research that may lead to treatments or cures of diseases affecting hundreds of thousands of Canadians will not be permitted to continue.

In an attempt to promote a reasoned approach to this research, we have established a website to permit Canadian residents to easily express their opposition to Bill C-13 online and automatically copy the Health Minister, and (if they wish) their Member of Parliament.

The site is:

We would appreciate your posting this message on your site ASAP with an active hyper-link AND sharing it with any supportive affiliate NOW as TIME is running down!.

If you wish to cross-link our sites, please let us know.

Best regards, Murray Charters

on behalf of

Texas Parkinsonian Advocate - Terry Bowers
If you live in Texas, e-mail Terry and offer your support cuz Texas is about to ban important research too!
Texas Parkinson's Action Network Grassroots

The Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research (CAMR) is comprised of nationally-recognized patient organizations, universities, scientific societies, foundations, and individuals with life- threatening illnesses and disorders, advocating for the advancement of breakthrough research and technologies in regenerative medicine - including stem cell research and somatic cell nuclear transfer - in order to cure disease and alleviate suffering.

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