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the history

Hi All,

What are "Parkinson's Resources"? Basically, they are "hyper-links" to sites on the Internet that a person with Parkinson's (me) had book-marked as I searched the wwweb for answers to questions that arose in the course of learning all about Parkinson's, e-mail; and the Internet. I posted these "Parkinson's Resources" WWWeb links in daily posts to the Parkinsn Information Exchange e-mail LISTSERV throughout the month of April, 2000 in an effort to help others and to expand Parkinson's Awareness.

A LIST member, cyber friend, and fellow Canadian (albeit at opposite ends of this huge country), Janet Paterson, subsequently posted the links on her web site and then, in July 2001, created this web site for me.

Now, July 2002, Janet has turned the site over for updating and maintaining... The Learning Curve has been interesting to say the least!

I've retained jp's original definitive "type-written white sheet look" on these text only pages (they were an "HTML tutorial" for me). Her pages are very readable, large courier print, and certainly are unmistakeably "janet"! (i think don mckinley (her cyber-dad) musta stolen her CAPS LOCK key!) I paralleled the content on my own pages with a little added background color, a small animated image here and there, a few different fonts, etc. (I thought I might inject a little of my creative self into things... Easy to say, much tougher to do!)

There are no frames, no java script, no flash, no "bells & whistles", etc. on either set of link pages. Just HTML hand coded pages!

The intent was, and is, to convey Parkinson's Resources and Parkinson's Awareness as painlessly as possible. I apologize for the Geocities' pop-ups (the price of FREE websites).

I found out just how much work goes into a web site and gained a new appreciation for Janet's superlative efforts... Thank you once more, jp!

Stay tuned for more WWWeb Resources and better site navigation, etc. (I'm adding navigation to the top of each page)

my best to all of you ... murray

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