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This site contains education and research URL's book-marked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

Searchable NEWS headlines online...(Please bear in mind this IS the news media, not peer reviewed scientific papers ...)

Google Beta News Search - try parkinson or stem cell or (your choice)
current default is "parkinson's" / language=English / sort=by date
"parkinson's" in the media

Google Beta News Search on "stem cell"
"stem cell" in the media

GOOGLE News is very fast and has become my "breaking news" favorite... It supplements, but does not necessarily replace... (in my case) the following tried 'n true resources...

Resource Links, Newscenter

News Flash - Read Associated Press Headlines...
Associated Press News Ticker
Associated Press / Washington Times

Breaking News Tickers

Ivanhoe Medical Breakthroughs

Pandia Newsfinder is a current favorite - they are fast, reliable, relevant, etc. and usually present 50 or less headlines... ( Google's flaw is that it tends to "swamp you" with dozens 'n dozens of the same story thereby masking other news in the hundreds of headlines presented )

"parkinson" in Pandia News

"parkinson" in News Index

By now you've probably twigged that searching for parkinson gets results!
Parkinson's Disease does not... so keep it simple...("parkinson's" works in GOOGLE Beta News but does not in Pandia Newsfinder or in News Index...)

Using "parkinson" as a key word in a search of this nature may also bring articles about Michael Parkinson, Lord Cecil Parkinson, Claire Parkinson, etc. but these are easy to spot and ignore... you will also see that multiple newspapers will carry different versions of the same newswire items...

"stem cell" in Pandia News

"stem cell" in News Index

Rocket News on the topic of your choice - just type in any topic!

World News (this one allows searches in many languages)
"parkinson" in the World News media

World News also has the best (my opinion) headline site and photographs if you just want to know what is transpiring around the Globe...

GOOGLE also has very fast Headline News - Select World, US, etc.

or... Pick a News Site from Google's Directory...

Here are my favorite sources (4) for the latest scientific research news

Science Daily News Headlines

EurekAlert Public Bulletins - more daily updated scientific news

Try typing parkinson in the SEARCH box of the above two resources...

Genomics, Bioinformatics, Proteomics - daily updated scientific news

BioExchange News - daily updated bio industry news

To get really blown away by what's online now click on Tools in the above site, and then select "web based" and scroll down to "FlyBase - A Database of the Drosophila Genome" (my neuro studies these)

MEDLINEplus News by Health Topic - Parkinson's
The past 30 days of news from the New York Times Syndicate, AP News Service, Reuters Health Information and others...

Reference: Online Weather Report - Any Major City, State, or Country
Check the weather in Ottawa, NY, or Israel, or ?? (didja know there are 5 Ottawa's? and a coupla dozen Toronto's?) Oh, and check out the variety of weather maps!

Reference: Online World Clock - Time Zones

The Gossip Times - All The Gossip That's Fit to Link - Don't dismiss this out of hand until you've checked the very complete list of "Political" Links

Try News Index - A Very Searchable FREE Tool...

Yahoo News Search - not always up to date... but great archives...

Stem Cell Research News - click on reasonably up-to-date headlines...

American Medical News - Stem Cell Research

Macro*World Investor Headline Search - this one's a "Beaut" if you want to check the health of your BioTech stock too...

PR Newswire

Fagan Finder - News Searches

The Hill Times - Canada's Govt. News BiWeekly

Canadian News Searches

Search Canada: Government

UK News Searches

US PR news services:

US Newspapers:

Searching US government sites:

InteliHealth News Headlines
InteliHealth News Headlines

News from the National Library of Medicine

National Institutes of Health (NIH) - News & Events

What's New at the NINDS

Parkinson's Disease Research Agenda

US Department of Health and Human Services

NPF / News

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