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This site contains education and research URL's bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

Memories of Yuri Rubinsky (1952-1996)

When David Beresford developed Parkinson's disease, he found himself abruptly reclassified as 'disabled'
A leap in the dark

An Introductory Guide to Providing Devices and Services for People with Special Needs
Assistive Technology

Adaptive Computer Products

PC + MS Windows - Accessibility & Microsoft - Disability Resources

PC + MS Windows - Resource Guide for People with Mobility Impairments

Apple Computer's Disability Resources

IBM Accessibility Center

VocalizeŽ is an innovative speech assistant developed with speech impaired persons to enable them to speak in a friendly human voice using standard computer equipment.
Augmentative Communication Solutions

Assistive Technology for people with a disability who find operating a computer difficult, maybe even impossible... Electronic Aids to Daily Living; Mouse Alternatives; Keyboard Alternatives; Text - To - Speech; Speech Recognition; and more...
Ability Hub

Ergonomics, Alternative Pointing Devices, Keyboard Alternatives, Speech Recognition
Assistive Products

Adaptive Computer Equipment

The Magic Wand Keyboard

Bat One Handed Keyboard

Alternative Keyboards and Mice

More Alternative Keyboards and Mice

If you want the ultimate portable, non-breakable, hostile environment keyboard for your Palm - this is it!
FX100 Flexible Keyboard

Access Devices (Hardware)

Additional Assist / Disability Links

Assistive Technology Links (Yahoo)

Jakob Nielsen is one of the most prolific writers on the subject of website usability and disabled accessibility. His opinions do not meet with universal agreement, but they are frequently the stimulus for a vigorous debate.
Jakob Nielsen's Usability Website

"Keyboarding by Ability" allows a student with one-hand to acquire keyboarding skills using a touch system designed to reach employable speeds.
Learn One-Hand Touch Typing

Closing The Gap Forums

The Adaptive Technology Resource Centre (ATRC)
ATRC Links

Cornucopia of Disability Information - Main Menu

Online directory of information on disabilities

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet

Assistive Technology Tech Guide
Select & Browse Assistive Equipment

Vivax Medical develops, manufactures and markets specialty medical beds and accessories, patient transfer systems and other assistive technology devices for use in acute care, rehabilitation and long term care facilities and to increase the independence of persons living at home or to assist their caregivers.

Garaventa Accessibility - Wheelchair Lifts Garaventa Accessibility is a leading manufacturer of wheelchair lifts (Garaventa Stair-Lift), vertical lifts for both residential and commercial use portable wheelchair lifts & emergency ...

More "Disabled Lifts"

Tools For The Job of Living
(I know this is a "store" but it's a good resource for ideas)

ABLEDATA General Links

ABLEDATA Assistive Technology Links

Safe and Secure Grab Bar System

Disability Related Links

Disability Related Products/Services

Adrian's Assistive Clothing - Clothing for Wheelchair Users

What's New at Adrian's

"Adaptive Designs Apparel"

Adaptive Clothing

Crampbusters - The site is the story of an Occupational Therapists discovery of a way to prevent painful cramping in the hands, feet and legs with a simple and affordable device.

IAADP - International Association of Assistance Dog Partners

Parkinson's Walker Dog Program
The Gift of Sunshine

THSD is a non-profit organization that trains Service Dogs and Hearing Dogs to assist people with disabilities. We also train Service Dogs to assist people with balance while walking, e.g. people with Parkinson's
Texas Hearing and Service Dogs

Mass Media and Disability Links

Project Action

Section 508 - The Road To Accessibility

Disability Law: an Overview
Menu of Sources - Federal Material (links to Acts)

The National Institute of Disability Management and Research - What's New - Current Events - Announcements - Updates
Home Page
Site Map

The National Institute of Disability Management and Research
REHADAT Canada holds detailed information about various aspects of the vocational rehabilitation process. Six public access databases provide disability management professionals with a wealth of information to aid in the vocational integration process.

Links to Related Prov. Govt. Sites - Employment - Technology - Education

Health and Disability Related Web Sites

Esmerel's Collection of Disability Resources

Opera - A Disability Friendly Browser

Opera - Checkout The Keyboard Navigation

Opera Global Donations Program

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