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This site contains education and research URL's bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

November is National Family Caregivers Month!

CARE (Caregivers Are Really Essential) is a sublist of the main PARKINSN List. It is especially for caregivers (CGs) of Parkinsonians (PWPs). The need for such a list was evident from feelings expressed on the PARKINSN List that there are times when CGs need to be able to "let off steam" in a place where they will not upset their PWPs. Some of us have CareGiver support groups, where we can safely express feelings, get practical support, and share experiences but some do not. The CARE list , as a "virtual support group", serves this need, but DOES NOT shut off the participation of CGs on the main list.

CGs who want to join CARE, where there is much less traffic than on the main list, may do so On-line or as follows:

Send in body of post (not on subject line) to: this command: subscribe CARE your full name no signature, please.

You will be added to the list, and will receive further instructions.

If you have problems, for CARE ask Camilla Flintermann or Jeff Jones (co-owner) for assistance.

Caregivers Are Really Essential (CARE)
Join or Leave the CARE List On-line

Caregivers Are Really Essential (CARE)
Archives On-line

Frequently Asked Questions For Caregivers

Welcome to CARE - for CareGivers of people with Parkinson's

The Caregiver's Handbook
Assisting Both the Caregiver and the Elderly Carereceiver

The Parkinson's Training for Caregivers project is a free online course developed to train caregivers in caring for those with Parkinson's Disease in long-term care settings
Parkinson's Training for Caregivers

CareGiver's Pages

Because We Care: Caregiver's Resource and Support

Memory Loss - A Caregivers Guide
Understanding and coping with problem behaviors related to memory loss

The Caregivers' Role

Caregiving also takes an emotional toll
Thinking of You!

The Parkinson Patient at Home

Parkinson's Disease Caregiver Information

How to Care is here to help you manage the realities
of caring for others and yourself by supplying practical,
portable information on the issues we know you will confront.

National Family Caregivers Association (NFCA).
NFCA is a grass roots organization created to educate, support,
empower and speak up for the millions of Americans who care for
chronically ill, aged or disabled loved ones.

SeniorCareWeb - Links & Resources

Patient\Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Resource Guide - Canada

Internet Health and Medical Resources

Canada's Caregivers - A Survey

Help for Parkinson Patient Caregivers

Patient Perspectives on Parkinson's

Support Group Leaders Manual

Please check your area code on the following site and if you find their site is not up to date, please inform NPF

Locate Support Groups by Area Code

(I've been informed that, if you click on 713 on the above site, you won't find up-to-date info on HAPS and that's not nice...)

Houston Area Parkinson Society does a great job and offers 32 weekly free support and therapy groups in 16 locations in the greater Houston area...9 counties. Check out their web site and then click on Therapy & Support

Support Groups & Patient-to-Patient Services
MGH Neurosurgical Service MGH Neurology Department

Virtual Parkinson's disease Care-Givers' Support Group On-Line
Care-givers Are Really Essential (CARE)

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