Parkinson's &
Speech & Swallowing Difficulty

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Topic 12: parkinson's & speech / swallowing problems links
This site contains education and research URL's bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

Parkinson's Disease - Speaking Out

How can a Speech and Language Therapist help in Parkinson's disease and why would someone with Parkinson's be referred to such a specialist?

The Neuroscience on the Web Series
Patrick McCaffrey, Ph.D, Professor/Coordinator, Speech Pathology Graduate Program, California State University, Chico
Speech / Swallowing Study Guides

Parkinsonian Links - Speech Problems

Speech - Language - Hearing Centre
University of Colorado at Boulder
Phone: (303) 492-3274
Location: SLHS Dept. Building, CU Boulder Campus
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 409, Boulder, Colorado 80409
Description: Assessment and treatment services for people with speech-language, hearing, and learning challenges; resources for inclusive toddler and preschool childhood learning; family-oriented assessment and care; multilingual and multicultural services; support groups for people who stutter; aphasia groups; Parkinson's speech treatment using Lee Silverman Voice Therapy.
Reasonable rates based on ability to pay.

Lorraine Olson Ramig, PhD, CCC-SLP

The Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) Official Website

Lee Silverman Voice Therapy

National Center for Voice and Speech

The Voice Foundation

Biomechanics of Voice Production

Principles of Voice Production - Tutorial

Speech Related Links for Patients and Physicians

Speech Therapy Links

Net Connections For Communication Disorders and Sciences
Internet Guide by Judith Maginnis Kuster - Speech Language Pathologist

Speech and Language Disorders

Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center

Welcome to the HandSpeakô... the exploration of imagery language and visual communications, cultures and arts.

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Speech, Voice and Swallowing Center at UPMC Passavant

Center for Voice Disorders of Wake Forest University

Speech Therapy Web Ring

Speech Therapist Resources

American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) (Strives to ensure that all people with speech, language, and hearing disorders have access to quality services to help them communicate more effectively)

Speech Language Pathology WWW Links

Doctor, I Have Trouble Swallowing

Swallowing Problems in Adults
Swallowing disorders, also called dysphagia (dis FAY juh), can occur at different stages in the swallowing process

Welcome to the NEW, the one-stop shop for all you need to know about dysphagia and swallowing difficulties.

Dysphagia Resource Center - Resources for swallowing and swallowing disorders.

Dysphagia Resource Center - Tutorials and Articles.

Nutrition and Swallowing In Parkinson's Disease

Non-Chew CookBook - for people suffering from chewing, swallowing and dry mouth disorders

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