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This site contains education and research URL's bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

Difficulty Sleeping
by Abraham Lieberman MD, Medical Director NPF

Insomnia: What to Do When You Can't Sleep

What To Do When You Canít Sleep

Evaluation of Sleep Disturbances

This text-only teaching module reviews the clinical features of rapid eye movement behaviour disorder, the "overlap" syndrome, and the role of central nervous system medications in complex sleep complaints. Also contains many more links...

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: A Neurologic Dissociative Sleep Disorder by Niels C. Rattenborg
This is ONE OF a series of review papers required of first year medical students at Indiana University School of Medicine as part of the Medical Neurobiology course. They were done over a period of years and are meant to act as a review for a variety of nervous system diseases. Since one of the objectives of a neuroscience course is to develop a language (vocabulary) of both neuroanatomy and clinical neurology, these papers served the purpose of breaching the basic science and the ability to understand clinical textbooks and research papers. Although editing was done, there may be errors. Hopefully, these subjects will assist further students' to gain insight into a variety of clinical disorders.

The following is a review of another recently described REM sleep boundary disorder called REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD). RBD is characterized by the acting-out of violent dreams during REM sleep, often with injurious consequences (Schenck et al. 1986, 1987).

"Power Nap" Prevents Burnout; Morning Sleep Perfects a Skill

The Sleep Syllabus
Sleep Research Society

The Sleep Well

National Sleep Foundation

Resources and Links

The Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) Association of America (Build recognition, secure response from the federal government, stimulate research, improve abilities to diagnose, and provide information about CFIDS)

The Role of Laboratory Tests in Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Canadian Sleep Society

Sleep Home Pages.

General Info/Insomnia

Search Sleep Research Online

Sleep Problems in the Elderly

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping as You Grow Older?

Sleep "Attacks" From Parkinson's Drugs

Parkinson's Patients: Be Warned of 'Sleep Attacks'
Auto Accidents a Serious Problem

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