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This site contains education, information and research URL's bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. The links on this web page present maps; 1-800#s; tourist sites; information for the disabled to tour New York City; information on the Parkinson's Unity Walk in Central Park. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

Celebrities tell us
why they
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Read the Gotham City News...

Map1 - Rain or Shine - Map2
Central Park
10th Annual Parkinson's Unity Walk
Saturday, April 24, 2004 in front of the Naumburg Bandshell

"Getting there is very easy if you're using public transportation. Don't even think of using your car. Parking (scroll way down) is practically nonexistent and very expensive!"

Where are the restrooms in Central Park?

Interactive Map of Manhattan
Requires cable connection, Free Flash Player and lots of memory

Map for The Mayflower Hotel on the Park

Map for Hilton Hotels, Rockefeller Center, New York City

Map for Hilton Hotels, Times Square, New York City

Turn your fantasies into reality in New York City's most celebrated restaurant and private party destination. With it's lush setting in Central Park, it's no wonder the critics say, 'If Oz had a restaurant, this would be it!'
Map1 ... Map2 for Tavern on the Green

Springtime in New York City marks the return of championship baseball to Yankee and Shea stadiums and the start of a second season for their A teams the Staten Island Yankees and Brooklyn Cyclones. What? You want Yankee tickets?? You want Mets tickets??

The parks and botanical gardens in every borough burst into bloom. Daffodils and azaleas crowd Romantic Central Park, tulips parade up Park Avenue's center mall, and there are glorious flower shows such as Macy's Flower Show, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Cherry Blossom Festival, and the Greater New York Orchid Show.

A little known fact: New York is one of America's greenest cities, based on percentage of total land comprised of parkland. (843 acres in Central Park alone!)

If you love a parade, New York's got 'em, uptown, downtown, all around town for all occasions: St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Two Earth Days, Greek Day, Cuban Day, Salute to Israel, and Puerto Rican Day to name a few. May brings Bike New York -- a five-borough bike tour, and Fleet Week, when ships from all around the world dock in New York - Harbor.

NYC Visit (I "borrowed" their text, warped it, and added the links above... thank you!)

In preparation for your NYC visit, read the Manhattan User's Guide or the Gotham Gazette... Check out the hundreds of NYC links on their site -- organized by topic (education, housing, etc.), by type of organization (NYC government, culture, labor, think tanks, etc.) and by location (Brooklyn, Queens, etc.), as well as links to dozens of NYC news sites.

NYC Weather Averages
Month Temperature Ranges
April 44-61F 07-16C
May 53-72F 12-22C
NYC Weather

New York City is Welcoming, Friendly and Accessible (telephone #s) to Travelers with Disabilities

Scoot Around, 888/441-7575, email info@scootaround.com. Wheelchair and scooter rentals. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
Scoot Around NYC!

If you're up to it, you can Bike around NYC or take a Pedicab...(Scroll Bike around NYC to find Pedicabs!) Read the Getting Around NYC Menu and choose your transportation!

Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (212/788-2830) will send the book Access New York free of charge to people who inquire via telephone. The 100-page large-type book provides resources and specific accessibility reviews for cultural institutions, theaters, nightlife and sports venues, and tours.
Request your copy

Have you seen Mayor Bloomberg's Vision? Read his State of the City Address?? 2003 or 2004

How do I get there? NYC has three major Airports:

John F. Kennedy - JFK

Newark - EWR

LaGuardia - LGA

Transportation at NYC Airports

Getting to and from NYC Airports

For those flying into New York there are three major airports that you may arrive at: LaGuardia, Newark, and Kennedy International. There are on-line directions from the airports to the major hotels, together with Central Park, Area, and subway maps.

The easiest way to get to Manhattan is to take a Yellow Cab from any of the airports; however, this is also a more expensive route. Taxi fare from the various airports is as follows: LaGuardia: about $18 + $3 toll + 15% tip = $24 Newark: about $60-$65 JFK: fixed rate $35 + $3 toll + 15% tip = $44

A simple and cheaper alternative is the SuperShuttle. This is a shared van which will take you from the airport and drop you off at a location you specify (including your hotel) in Manhattan. To use the SuperShuttle, follow the signs at the airport to the Ground Transportation Desk near the Baggage Claim area. There you can make a reservation on the next shuttle. The vans leave on demand, so there will only be a short wait for yours. The SuperShuttle will also pick you up at your hotel for your return to the airport. Simply call them with at least 24 hours notice at 212-BLUE-VAN or 212-258-3826 with your pick up location and time.

SuperShuttle Fares from the airports are as follows: LaGuardia: $15-$22, operates 7 AM to 11:30 PM Newark: $15-$19, operates 24 hours/day JFK: $15-$19, operates 24 hours/day

Gray Line Air Shuttle, 212/315-3006. Accessible service between NYC's three major airports and area hotels with 24-hour notice.

Getting Around in New York City
Most of Manhattan's attractions can be visited by using a combination of the city's subway, extensive bus service, one of the thousands of yellow taxis and your feet! A Metro card offers unlimited subway and local bus lines and offers great value.

Tourist Attractions in New York City

Statue of Liberty
This gift from France has guarded the entrance to New York's harbour since 1886 and is a 'must see' for any visitor. Ferries run from Battery Park.

Ellis Island
Over 17 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island between 1892 and 1954 and the Ellis island immigration Museum tells their dramatic story superbly.

South Street Seaport
A renovated port that offers shops, restaurants and museums. Also home to Fulton Market with its food stalls, cafes, ice cream, and seafood restaurants.

Empire State Building
New York's most famous skyscraper offers outstanding views of the city. The 102nd floor is open day and night, as is the simulated skyride on the 2nd floor.

Shopping is a major pastime in New York and is now even better value as a result of sales tax being eliminated on cheaper items of clothing. The main areas are Fifth Avenue and 34th Street for the world's most sophisticated stores and New York's famous department stores - Bloomingdales, Saks and Macy's.

Outside of town, Woodbury Common offers a wide range of discount stores. Woodbury Common Premium Outlets : Stores from the world's leading designers and manufacturers. VIP Coupon Book Voucher included in "New York Area Travel Packet"
Purchase a "New York Area Travel Packet"

The largest theatre district in the world, home to hundreds of shows. The best place to obtain reasonably priced tickets (so I'm told) is at the TKTS stand in Times Square, which offers a wide variety of unsold Broadway and off-Broadway tickets at half price for that day's shows.

New York Stock Exchange
Located on Wall Street, free tours of the Exchange are available Monday to Friday.

Central Park
Three blocks wide and more than 50 blocks long, Central Park is known by many New Yorkers as the 'lungs of the city'. A great place to escape from the bustle and excitement and to people watch. Horse-drawn cabs, rollerblades and bicycles are available for hire.

United Nations
New York is the headquarters city for the U.N. - tours are available.

New York offers over 150 museums with its most visited being the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art

Rockefeller Centre
A 19-building complex between fifth and seventh avenues and 47th and 52nd street which boasts some of the cities finest architecture. It also houses Radio City Music Hall - America's largest indoor theatre.

New York Public Library
A masterpiece of Beaux Arts Design, it also houses such treasures as Charles Dicken's desk and Thomas Jefferson's own handwritten copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Manhattan is composed of numerous neighbourhoods each with a distinct flavour, some of the most interesting to explore include: Upper East Side, SoHo and Tribeca, Greenwich Village and Little Italy.

New York City - Highlights

Big, brash and buzzing with energy, this must be the world's most dynamic city

Can anyone go to New York and NOT visit Ground Zero?

I stood on top of the World Trade Center in 1986... Check out Rebuilding NYC

Airplane strikes 78th floor of world's tallest building, listen to MP3 broadcast

In the heart of the New York City, Midtown, take the long, two-elevator ride to the top of the Empire State Building to see the city spread beneath your feet, then pay a visit to the refurbished Grand Central Station during Earthday 2004 on April 22nd!

My favorite building is the Woolworth Building!

Take in a Broadway show or shop at Bloomingdales

Visit the Statue of Liberty and the moving Ellis Island Museum

Ride the Staten Island Ferry, visit Coney Island, See Coney Island - 1906 or Coney Island - 1949, Coney Island today, ride the wooden coaster Cyclone, or stop off at the Brooklyn Bridge for great views

Try the delis for unrivalled choice, excellent quality and unbeatable prices

Have a bowl of soup at the Soup Kitchen International - home of Al Yageneh, the real "Soup Nazi."

Don't forget to have a New York Burger!

Check out Free Activities, Amusements, and Events in New York City

Shopping? Add the new neighbourhood's WeChe, Harlem and TriBeCa to the old favourites of ChinaTown, Greenwich and Little Italy

By now you know New York is rich in history. See a timeline!

More General New York Information available on the web:

I well remember Bob Dylan singin' 'bout New York some 40 years ago... when he looked and sounded a little "different" than today... OK, a lot different...

Columbia University Libraries'
Exploring New York City

Visit NYC!

NYC Arts

New York

New York, New York

New York City Guide Magazine

New York City Guide

Things To Do in NYC

Show tickets etc. available at:
Show Tickets

Discount ticket information:

Broadway Box Office

Tickets / Programs

Other possibilities are:

Live Broadway



Frommer's New York City Guidebook(s)

Wow! $440.00 for a pair of tickets to see the "Lion King"... Maybe we could afford to go to a FREE "taping" of the Dave Letterman Show

Let's surf Letterman, NYC, Tickets, etc. and see 'bout this...

David Letterman Tickets - The Late Show With David Letterman

The Late Show with David Letterman tapes Monday through Wednesday at 5:30pm and Thursday at 4:30pm and 7:00 pm at the Ed Sullivan Theater, 1697 Broadway in New York City.

New York TV Show Tickets Inc

Standby and Telephone Tickets:
We have the latest standby and telephone ticket information for this show in our new TV Show Ticket Guide. The guide gives you all the telephone numbers and other information you will need to get a ticket for this show and all the other TV shows in the New York area.
TV Show Ticket Guide

Getting In
Even though you may have scored some Letterman tickets, it doesn't mean that you are getting in - This we know too well as the show always gives out more tickets than seats, so some people will get turned away.

On Monday through Wednesday you must arrive at the studio at 4.00 PM For the two Thursday shows you must arrive at 3:00 PM and 5:30 PM respectively. The actual tapings begin at 6:00PM, 5:00PM and 7:00PM respectively

If you arrive a few minutes late with tickets in hand and get on line, there is a good chance that they will not let you into the show. There is usually oodles of time left before the show, but the pages will make you stand on a line that is referred to by the staff and regulars as the "Losers" line.

This line is for people who do not have any tickets but were dumb enough to stand outside anyway just in case they didn't have enough people for that show.

We got caught in this trap on two separate occasions, and if we couldn't talk our way out of it, then you certainly wont be able to.

Once you are on this line you need to understand that your chances of getting in are now very slim. It doesn't make any difference that you actually have tickets in hand. The CBS official statement is "Your ticket expires at 4.00PM (Or 5:30 for the Thursday evening show.) You need to be at the studio before then" - Its kinda mean spirited - but I swear Dave gets a kick out of it.

We might at least get to meet Rupert!

On average the show is booked 9 months ahead of taping, with no guarantee of getting a ticket either. A better estimate is 12 months, they just don't like opening mail !

Mail in Tickets
New York TV Show Tickets Inc
Late Show Tickets
Ed Sullivan Theater,
1697 Broadway,
New York, NY 10019

Internet "Mail In" Lottery
Another alternative way to get tickets is to send in for the Internet "Mail In" Lottery It does seem rather redundant, I know, but its the way they like to do it

You need to answer the following questions and send it into the address below and you will be placed in a drawing for 10 measly tickets (Apparently the odds of winning this are 2000:1 - so it may not be worth the stamp, envelope or ink)

The questions are:
Tell us why you would like tickets to the show.
Tell us who you would bring with you and why you would want to bring that person.
Tell us your favorite moments from The Late Show
Include your daytime and evening phone numbers.

New York TV Show Tickets Inc
The Late Show Internet Contest
1697 Broadway
New York
NY 10019

Send for an autographed picture...

Exchanging Tickets
Although this is not officially sanctioned by the show, you can exchange your tickets on the Ticket Exchange Board

In the USA the show is usually broadcast the night of taping. In the rest of the world it it is shown out of sequence and rarely within one year of transmission.

So much for tickets for the Letterman Show.... Am I disappointed?

In a word, YES Dave... (I am a big fan... but...)

Sooooo... If ya wanna see me Dave... I'll be in Central Park!!

HHHhhhhhhhhmmmmm... Ol' Willie did one of this year's PSA's...

Maybe he'll show up in Central Park!!

Willie, you're pretty special, 'n you're invited!!

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