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photo of me and my rocks
"Chemo Day One - 28/08/2003"

Murray and "his" Inukshuk!! * The "History" of this Inukshuk

The Inukshuk is a symbol of the human spirit

An inukshuk is a pile of stones arranged in the likeness of a human being

Inuksuit are among the most important objects created by the Inuit

One of the most enduring symbols of Inuit heritage is the stone figure called an

Please come with us now and enjoy an inspiring multimedia journey through our wonderful city. Vancouver Scenes promotes tourism in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and showcases photography of many of the sights of Vancouver. Whether you're planning a trip here for a conference, hockey or other sporting event, shopping, or just the magnificent scenery, we're sure you'll enjoy your time. Business or pleasure, Vancouver BC is the place to visit.
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Vancouver Scenes Tour!

Congratulations to our city for winning the bid to host the
2010 Winter Olympic Games!

Extensive Vancouver Picture Gallery!

Our Home! (advertising brochure 1997)
Aquarius III, Vancouver, B. C. Canada

Our Home! (have to know where to look... follow the roof tops down to the right from the tallest building - Wall Centre, past the dramatic black and white 808 Nelson, past the Peninsula on the waterfront, to the 11 story Aquarius III, one short block back from the water and partially in shadow)
North Shore of False Creek 2002

Check out the real estate between 808 Nelson and the Roundhouse 20 years ago!
CP Roundhouse / Yaletown in 1982

The Site and CP Roundhouse in 1982

The Dot on the i in AIR is where we now live!

Roundhouse is Red Building Below ai in "Waite"
False Creek North During Expo '86

Roundhouse is Red Building Above Ph in "Airphoto"
False Creek North During Expo '86

False Creek North in 1992

False Creek North in 1997 - Aquarius Excavation

Red Roof of Roundhouse Community Centre just visible above first W in WWW
False Creek North in 2003

Red Roof of Roundhouse and Aquarius III visible above "dot" in .com
Downtown Vancouver in 2003

150 feet to the Seawalk!
A Seawalk That Connects Everyone

Siwash Rock on the seawall in Stanley Park

Not many know that it took nearly 70 years to build the park's seawall and that the ashes of James Cunningham, the master stonemason who devoted 32 years to the project, were interred in the wall in a nook near Siwash Rock.

Plaque comemorating James Cunningham

33rd. Annual James Cunningham Seawall Race

Stanley Park Seawall Favorite Run

Vancouver is the ultimate runner's city

Stanley Park's Seawall Promenade

Vancouver - List of Walks

Stanley Park Seawall Walk

Welcome to Stanley Park

Stanley Park

photo of seawall
"The Beloved Stanley Park Seawall"

The Seawall, Vancouver, B. C. Canada

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