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This site contains education and research URL's bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Neurological Disorders Clinical Trials

Parkinson's Disease Clinical Trials

The Wellness Web - Patient's Network

Acupuncture FAQ

The Parkinson's Recovery Project
Dedicated to dissemination of information regarding Parkinson's Disease treatments which use techniques of Asian Medicine

Best Alternative Medicine Hub Site: Ask Dr. Weil

Alternative Medicine - FAQ

Marihuana - The Forbidden Medicine

Medicinal Marijuana and Medicinal Cannabis Links

Medicinal cannabis clears crucial trial

GW Pharmaceuticals plc, the company developing a portfolio of prescription medicines derived from cannabis, is commencing clinical trials in Canada. This is the first trial undertaken outside the United Kingdom by GW, and is believed to be the only trial of its kind in North America.

Canada allows the use of therapeutic cannabis, but has yet to make it available which complicates matters for those in need, even with a Health-Canada exemption. We are here to answer that need and to provide service to those communities and individuals unable to access Canada’s established compassion clubs

"Cannabis a Medical Miracle" (11/2001)

Marijuana Policy Project

Investigating Possible Medical Uses Of Marijuana

Workshop on the Medical Utility of Marijuana

Alternative Medicine Links

Alternative Medical Systems

Canadian Health Action Network - Directory

Alternative Medicine HomePage

Reference Library for Alternative Therapies A-Z

Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health Program for Parkinsons Disease

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