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This site contains education and research URL's bookmarked by a Parkinson's patient. Nothing you read in these pages should be considered an endorsement or medical advice.

Medical Knowledge as a Social Process:
An Interview with John Lester

BrainTalk Communities - Neurology Support Groups
Online Patient Support Groups
For Every Neurological Disorder A-Z

For Parkinson's Disease

For PLWP (People Living with Parkinson's)

DBS/STN Support - For Parkinson's Disease - MGH

DBS Surgery Discussion Group - This group is for the discussion of deep brain stimulation surgical procedures.

Parkinson's Yahoo Groups - Scroll through 40+ online news / chat / discussion / support / etc. to find your niche... Something for everyone...

PARKINSN List On-line Now P-I-E-N-O (This is the original and still one of the best) ... (Scan latest messages / Subscribe on-line / Manage your subscription)

Search the PARKINSN List Archives On-line (every message 11/93 to now)

The Search Tutorial

Roy Kelly, and five others, invite you to visit their little Forum over in the UK
Roy's Parkinson Forum

PLWP (People Living With Parkinson's) share our dream, share our vision - Chat Rooms - Message Boards

The National Parkinson Foundation Web Site offers On-line Access to A Panel of Parkinson Experts of whom you can ask questions and receive daily answers to questions on all aspects of Parkinson disease...

Ask the Doctor with Abraham Lieberman MD, Medical Director of the National Parkinson Foundation, Professor of Neurology University of Miami School of Medicine, internationally prominent expert on Parkinson disease

Search Ask The Doctor
Now you can view questions and answers for the last seven days, or Search previous questions and answers by a word or phrase...

Pregunte al Doctor en espaņol (Ask the Doctor in Spanish)
Dr. Alicia Facca
La doctora Alicia Facca es medica en neurologia, entrenada en las Universidades de Emory, en Atlanta- GA, y Northwestern, en Chicago -IL. Actualmente se especializa en las enfermedades del movimiento y los aspectos relacionados con el comportamiento.

Ask The Surgeon - Jaimie Henderson, M. D., a board-certified neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of movement disorders

Ask a Nurse Specialist re: Coping and Caring
Susan Imke, RN,MS, nationally prominent speaker and writer on Parkinson Disease

Ask the Parkinson Dietitian with Kathrynne Holden MS RD, nationally prominent expert on nutrition in Parkinson Disease

"Talk" to a Speech Clinician
Lorraine Olson Ramig, Ph.D., CCC-SLP; Leslie Will, MA, CCC-SLP, MBA; Angela Halpern, M.S., CCC-SLP; Cynthia Fox, M.A., CCC-SLP; nationally prominent developers and clinicians of the Lee Silverman Voice Training Method

Ask the Expert - Parkinson's Disease Foundation

Ask An Expert
"You can ask questions of doctors in many specialties here. Ask Dr. Arif Dalvi about PD. Click on the Ask an Expert section, then click on Parkinsons in the list of diseases. You'll get a brief answer in a couple of days."

Parkinson Disease Discussion Forum - Parkinson's Society Canada

The Adrienne Coles Memorial Trust: Mailing Lists

PARKLISTE, French Parkinson's List

NEDERPARK (Nederlandse Parkinson Lijst), Dutch Parkinson's List

Parkinson Online Nederland

BELGAPARK, Belgian Parkinson's List

DEUPARK (Deutsche Parkinsonliste) German Parkinson's List

Spanish Parkinson's List

The Italian E-Mail List

PD KIDS (E-Mail List for children of Parkinsonians)

PD Cactus Post-It

SPARKLE (Smiling PARKies Live Easier)

The Caregivers' List for Parkinson's Disease:
C.A.R.E. (Caregivers Are Really Essential)

The Caregivers' List for Parkinson's Disease: C.A.R.E.
CARE (Caregivers Are Really Essential)
Welcome to CARE - for CareGivers of people with Parkinson's

Parkinson's Disease Menu (MGH Neurology - Neurology WebForum)

BrainTalk Communities - Neurology Support Groups
Online Patient Support Groups For Every Neurological Disorder A-Z

The "Evolution" of "BrainTalk Communities"
News - (1999) BRAND NEW Neurology Webforum!

WHERE are the NEW forums again?

Here are the OLD Webforums: Messages from years 1997 - 2000

Samples From The Archives...
Stem Cell Research

Samples From The Archives...
FYI New Surgical Approaches to Parkinson Disease

Samples From The Archives...
The Latest From JAMA on PD Treatment

Look on Simon Cole's site for more discussion groups...

Look on Simon Cole's site for more discussion groups...

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